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Puzzles raise well rounded children??

It’s More Than A Puzzle” is a beautiful piece of art that can be appreciated for long after it’s completed, but that’s not the point of this blog post….. (however it is a fact I want to remind you of).... The point of this blog is why you should buy any puzzle (but preferably ours), for your children.

We all know that children are constantly growing, that is physically and mentally, and researchers have found that completing puzzles has been extremely beneficial in helping develop brain function in younger kids. I mean think about it, young children start with puzzles easily frustrated, and basically just trying to force pieces to fit, but by the time they finish they are thinking it through, and putting the pieces together seamlessly. That isn’t a coincidence.

Don’t believe me? Fine, here are 5 ways puzzles help the development of children’s brains.

1. Concentration baby

Research has shown that on average, children can only focus for 2-5 x their age, so that means a 6-year-old would be able to focus on an activity for anywhere from 12-30 minutes max. By giving them age-appropriate puzzles you are testing their concentration levels, and they will be able to increase their ability.

2. Hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination is important in so many areas of life. It’s not just about sports (although if you’re wanting a hockey olympian in the family maybe buy them a puzzle?). Hand-eye coordination is also important in areas such as writing. So who knows, maybe you'll end up with a poet because of buying a puzzle?

3. What did you say?

Now this one may be obvious, but working on puzzles is also great for memory. When you’re putting a puzzle together, you’re having to remember what shapes your need currently, as well as which you’ve seen before, otherwise, you’re constantly just digging through the same pieces. So if you don’t want to be the parent who has to constantly repeat themselves…. buy them some puzzles.

4. Confidence, not cocky

Now, this is one that may surprise you. But completing puzzles has been proven to help boost confidence. You know when kids do something themselves and they get all excited? “Look what I did Ma!!”. Well completing a puzzle has the same effect. When kids are able to prove to themselves, and others, that they are capable of completing tasks on their own, it leaves them with a sense of pride and confidence that they can’t get elsewhere.

5. Mr/Mrs. Popular

Okay, I thought the last one would surprise you…. well this one I found to be even more surprising, and I’m the puzzle expert. But let me explain how this works. Your family is putting a puzzle together when suddenly your two young children reach for the same piece, but instead of fighting one looks at the other and says “you can have this one”. BAM social skills. Okay, there's more to it, but that’s the concept. Through completing puzzles they learn teamwork and conflict management. Necessary skills for all adults later in life.

So, now do you believe me? Puzzles are clearly the only way to have well-rounded children.

I’m joking, but I mean the research speaks for itself, so I mean what the heck? Go ahead and buy your kid a puzzle, and why not let it be anIt’s More Than A Puzzle” puzzle?

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