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Comfortable Face Masks

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Most Comfortable Face Masks That Are Not Merely a Fashion Item but Also Works

Since how well a mask works requires various variables (the size of the head and facial features of a person, their attitudes and environment), for every individual and every circumstance, we could not possibly find the most effective mask.

We've heard a lot of talk about face masks as we are navigating our new normal with coronavirus spreading around the globe these past few months. But do you know the one that is most suitable for you between the various kinds of face masks out there? However, based on thorough research and fit and comfort testing, we have a few suggestions for adjustable masks that we think will comfortably cover most faces and perform well when properly worn. After all, the one you can wear and not mess with is the best cloth face mask. Below are must-have features of a face mask that is comfortable and not merely a fashion accessory.

Flexible Nose Strips Masks

Whenever it comes to face masks, convenience is crucial, which is why you should be looking for a versatile nose strip. The strips sit over the bridge of your nose and can be adjusted to fit tightly, regardless of the shape of your face. Upon correctly adjusting the nose strip with sanitized palms, it will close around your nose. This keeps the mask from sliding off the nose and helps to prevent foggy glasses as well.

Masks Treated With Antibacterial

Did you realize that reusable face masks can be handled with a 99 percent bacteria-killing antibacterial technology? After all, the sole purpose of wearing a face mask is to protect yourself from COVID 19 infection. Quality reusable masks are manufactured with an antibacterial solution-treated fabric, resulting in superior protection against pathogens. This type of face mask will shield you from coronavirus and also help in crushing bacterial whenever you put it on.

Masks That Are Repellent to Water

Water repellent is the finest cloth mask. Using such a water-resistant fabric like polyester or polypropylene for the outermost surface of the mask while using a water-repellent coating will accomplish this effect.

Masks with Ear Toggles That Are Adjustable

You may be aware that certain masks will cause considerable pain to the ears if you have ever worn a mask for a longer duration than the time required for a brief trip to the shops.

A reusable quality mask with flexible ear toggles helps combat this issue by allowing a comfortable fit that is customized regardless of the shape or size of the ear. During the summer season, a comfortable fit around the ear will become even more relevant.

At Least Double Layers Face Masks

Researchers found that after testing the efficacy of different face masks to catch droplets sprayed from a human's mouth, face coverings require at least two layers to be effective. The researchers used a customized LED lighting system and a high-speed camera to film the spread of airborne droplets from a healthy person without respiratory illness while speaking, coughing, and sneezing while wearing each form of a mask. While the droplet distribution from speaking was also reduced by a single layer of fabric face covering. But they pointed out that a double layer coating was safer than a single layer while minimizing the droplet distribution from coughing and sneezing.

Contour Shape Masks

To ensure the mask sits correctly on your face, a contoured molded mask is a must-have feature. It is part of good mask hygiene to refrain from adapting the mask constantly, so masks must contour snugly to the face. To avoid the risk of the mask riding up and impeding vision when worn for long periods, choosing a mask design that contours correctly around the chin is particularly important. You must know the type of face mask that is comfortable, works, and not just another fashion accessory. Now what? Where can I get this type of mask at an affordable price even while in the comfort of my home?

Right now if you are trying to find out where to buy face masks, look no further. Joe Average is your quality face mask plug online. And as more and more businesses start to reopen and require masks, the government also requires masks in public places now is leaving home without a mask is now troublesome. It is recommended by the CDC to wear a mask when in public. With Joe Average face masks, you can breathe in your mask quickly enough that you don't need to remove it in a public place. From underneath the nose to the chin and back into the ear, the face mask has a snug fit. You can remove and wash your mask after each trip out of the house. Our mask is not one of the shrinks or tear after washing masks that you get online, they are designed to be reused as many times as you like.

Joe Average is where you can get a mask of decent quality that will completely cover your nose and mouth, have at least two layers of cloth, and is washable. The weaving of our mask is close enough not to allow light to shine through and thick enough to prevent you from blowing out a candle while wearing it for the greatest effectiveness.

Joe Average contribute $1 from each mask purchased to the BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver Canada.

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