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Be Kind To One Another

If you're following the blog, then I'd assume that means you're a fan of Joe. Which as a result would mean you know that one of the main things Joe stands for, is people being kind to each other.

We all know the basics of this, that you should always be kind to people because you have absolutely no idea what they are going through, and that is more true than I could ever express. We've all seen the talks about how the happiest people can be going through the darkest things, so you should never want to be the person that adds on to it, but sometimes that isn't enough for people. They think, well maybe they don't deserve my kindness because they did A, B, or C to me.

And that's okay because we've all been there. We have all experienced a time where we became so frustrated, angry, or annoyed that we could not even fathom showing the other person grace, so in those situations let's remember these "selfish" reasons to be kind to others.

I mean because heck, whether you're doing it selfishly or not, we all benefit from a little extra kindness in the world.

Improve your own mood, while lifting someone elses
Lift your spirits

1. Kindness Improves Your Mood

It has been proved through studies, that when you are kind to others serotonin is released throughout your body (the happy hormone). So being kind to people can therefore lead to you feeling more emotionally fulfilled and stable. Source

2. Stress Reduction

We all know the feeling of stress too well, the sensation of not being able to breathe, and just having panic wash over you. However, next time that happens to you, take a deep breath (maybe several), and then look around for someone you can help. through studies, it has been shown that when stressed-out individuals help others, they are able to alleviate some of their own stress. Source

fight off everything negative with kindness
Fight off sickness with kindness

3. Kindness Boosts Your Immunity

Okay, now this one is key for us especially now. Kindness has been proven time and time again to increase immunity levels in the human body. Now you may be thinking "....How?.." Well, as mentioned prior, being kind reduces stress. When you're stressed your cortisol levels rise, which affects your entire body. High cortisol rates can lead to cardiovascular diseases, immune system suppression, fertility issues, weight gain, and so much more. But as already mentioned, being kind raises your serotonin levels, a hormone that helps combat everything else. Source

4. Contagion

A word that we have all feared this past year and a half. But in this particular situation, it's a positive thing. Kindness and happiness are contagious. Have you ever heard of "pay it forward"? Like when you're in a drive-through, and the person in front of you pays for your order. You may think to yourself "how nice, let me pay for the person behind me".

Don't believe me? Go out and try it today. Source

5. Increases Your Energy Levels

When you show s

omeone kindness, it is almost always reciprocated with gratitude. And having that energy sent back to you is invigorating. It makes you feel lighter inside which as a result gives you more energy. Source

Show kindness, and be happy
Smile, you did something good

6. It Just Makes You A Happier Person

All of these other reasons aside. We have all experienced the happiness that comes from within when you see the positive impact you can have on someone else's day, week, month, or year. It feels good to know you're the reason that person is smiling or giving a sigh of relief.

I hope these 6 reasons have left you wanting to do something good today. Because as I said, whether it be for a "selfish" reason or not, being the reasons someone's day is a little airier, can only benefit us all.

Have a beautiful day everyone.

If you liked this blog, send it off to those who could use a serotonin burst, and let's spread kindness.

Blog post written by GeniusQuest Design

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